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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

What To Expect and How It Works

For any person who has the commitment to enter psychotherapy with me, they can expect to be met by an engaged, interactive, experienced and committed partner in their journey.  I envision my role as a collaborator and ally who intends to meet the client where they are in the process of change.  I believe that knowledge is power and work as an "open source" therapist with a psycho-educational style.

I help create and hold a space where courageous and honest conversations are encouraged and unfold naturally.  I value cognitive-behavioral and solution focused approaches but believe that the analytical encounter not only engages our mind but also accesses the embodied intelligence of our affects.  It must be the double expresso to make genuine change happen.

I ask clients to grasp and experience the paradox that, "YOU CAN NOT GET IT BY TAKING THOUGHT, YOU CANNOT SEEK IT BY NOT TAKING THOUGHT" and to accept that the wisdom of the body often clarifies the confusion and despair of the spirit.  Deeply feeling our emotions is not easy but they serve as maps of where we are and where we want to go.  When we connect to the life of our body we connect to what we truly care about.  Employing mindfulness techniques of attention protect us from being violently whiplashed or overwhelmed  by strong feelings.

We are a mix of wildly different impulses and energies, many of which do not fit together smoothly.  Our feelings never quite fit into any nice, neat packages or measure up to our ideal image of how we think they should be.  To be at ease with ourselves, we need to learn to trust this rawness at the core of our experience.  I ask clients to move freely with it, learning to accept our experience as it is, instead of trying to make it match some preconceived image.  I help clients to become "warriors of the heart" in their effort to be fully present to their experience as it is, without shrinking or turning away from it.

Prevailing through inner strength and not the sword has many benefits.  With time and effort put in to greater understanding of their selves, how their mind works, and the dynamics of their significant relationships both past and present, clients can expect their "degrees of freedom" to expand, which in turn expands their ability to make meaningful choices in their lives.  Clinical experience and the research show that entering into an engaged dialogue about their experiences, their belief systems, their histories and their feelings, can lead to a more secure sense of self as well as changes in neural activity and biochemistry.  From this more solid base, one's relationships improve as well as the ability to be more effective in reaching one's goals in life.  

The THERAPY DOJO is a place to awaken and transform, to learn the distinctions between good and bad pain.  Therapy in the dojo with me invites the cultivation of courage, awareness and compassion so that it can enhance the human capacity to transform knowledge and vision into a muscular commitment to action.


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