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I am grateful for having earned the respect of my professional colleagues during twenty-four years of clinical practice. Included below are some of their observations about my clinical skills and personal character.

“ questions are always thought provoking and stimulating – an excellent clinician.”

“I commend him on his personal and professional integrity.”

"processes information on the clinical, personal and conceptual levels in a most impressive manner.”

" not only insightful but highly innovative and creative.”

“very knowledgeable with respect to child development and was a valuable resource.”

"contributions were excellent. Interpretations are through and astute.”

“exceptionally well thought through in terms of theory and self-awareness…”

“ earnestness and intellectual rigor compliments his thoughtfulness and analytical propensities.”

“bright and intuitive and demonstrated effective facilitative skills.”

“an exceptional clinician.”

I am similarly rewarded when the interns I work with frequently express how they feel respected, supported and safe with me as I help them manage their personal and professional challenges. They report that their experience of my empathy, integrity and sense of humor enable them to feel encouraged to speak up about difficult matters.

“…you have helped me to grow as a therapist in many ways…your willingness to share your own experience with us interns was so helpful. I benefited most form our one on one conversations where you were “there” for those particularly challenging cases and you walked me through several very sticky wickets…”

“Thank you so much for being such a genuine, caring, thoughtful and responsible supervisor. I truly appreciate all of your help and insight this year.”

“Thank you for being a terrific supervisor this year. I learned so much from you and it will definitely be useful for my clinical work…I also want to express my appreciation for your willingness to provide advice/mentoring during various situations that arose for me here. I felt supported and respected by you at all times, which helped me make it through the year, despite a few difficult months.”

“Thank you for being such an incredible supervisor. You clearly love what you do – and put so much thought, consideration and care into each case you hear about.”

“I so appreciate your insights, your patience, your calm, non-judgmental and astute nature. You also have a terrific sense of humor, which certainly lightens the often bleaker mood. I have learned a great deal from you and for this I am changed, and grateful for that.”
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